Get To Know Our Mission and Meet Our Team

Who We Are

Marvin Planning Consultants is a community/county planning firm organized for the purpose of providing cost-effective, common-sense, and innovative planning solutions to communities and counties throughout the United States. Marvin Planning Consultants was organized in 2009 by Keith Marvin AICP. Keith brings over 30 years of consulting experience in community and regional planning.

The firm is located in David City, Nebraska, a community of approximately 3,000 people, and is within 30 minutes of several major transportation routes within the Midwest.

Our Planning Team

Keith A. Marvin AICP President and Founder


Keith has been involved professionally in community planning since 1992. His experience includes all facets of community planning, including public participation, land use, historic preservation, and economic development. Keith has been involved with projects in communities and counties ranging from 48 people to over 400,000. His experience includes the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.

Keith believes the best plans and regulations are those developed through a partnership between the consulting team and the community. Plans must be supported locally by the residents and staff in order for them to be truly implemented. Implementing the community’s vision is the only way that a plan is ever successful.


John C. Shepard AICP Senior Community Planner


John is a development professional with management experience across diverse communities, helping community leaders build great places to live, work, and thrive since 1994. His community planning experience includes land use, community & economic development, entrepreneurship, downtown development, renewable energy, natural resources and conservation, hazard mitigation, and public policy. His professional experience includes the states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nebraska.


Mason Herrman Community Planner


Mason graduated with his Masters in Regional Community Planning from Kansas State University in 2019. His passion for planning and assisting communities is what led him to a career in planning. Mason also has experience working with multiple funding agencies including the Community Development Block Grant program and is recently certified through the Department of Economic Development.